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To Chris and Monica,

I cannot thank you enough for treating me just like I was someone who bought a bathtub from your company. I actually bought a discontinued early model of your tub produced by some unscrupulous people with no concept of how to design a walk-in bathtub. I had early issues with the door and had to fight with these people to get anything done about it. The tub was under warranty with them, which your company had no obligation to honor, when it developed a serious leak in the bottom. To even attempt to fix it involved tearing out my custom marble tub surrounding. Monica and Chris worked with me to get me a new tub.

Now I would like to tell you about how wonderful the new tub is compared to the old one. I have checked the prices and you will pay half of what I paid. The serious problem with the old tub was in one word "glue". Instead of building the door hinges and air jets into the fiberglass of the tub--they were glued on as after thoughts. My new hinge is part of the tub and sits flush which means easy clean-up. The other "metal" hinges stuck out into the tub and were impossible to keep clean. This bathtub is ergonomically designed with the idea in mind that the water should drain INTO the bottom of the tub instead of collecting on the edges and the seat. The rubber seal for the door is not attached to the door which makes it impossible to clean or replace without removing the door but instead to the frame--amazing idea. The door also sits flush with the tub while the other one contained this marvelous trough that collected soap scum like a magnet. This tub is extremely solid on the bottom, has thicker walls, is taller and the finish is much nicer. The fixtures are located in a much more convenient place and wonder of wonders the shower hose retracts. The marvelous magnetic door to the pump completely eliminated the need for the ugly screws that held the other one in place. I completely and totally recommend this bathtub!! The only suggestion I would make is considering a longer one if you are quite tall. The advantage to the shorter tub is water conservation.

Thanks to Chris that old tub was donated to a local charity and they have a maintenance person who thinks he can fiberglass the whole bottom of the tub in order to sell it at their fund raising auction. Since the water jets still work well, whatever money it brings will enable more people with developmental disabilities to enjoy an outdoor experience at Camp Confidence.

- Pamela Sachs

Serenity Walk In Bathtubs,

Thank you for installing my new tub! It's beautiful. I'm so proud of the way it looksó clean and very professional. I'm impressed with your courteous and honest service. At times like these, it's a pleasure to do business with a company like you.

Thank you again,

- Vicky M.

Serenity Walk In Bathtubs,

My husband is so pleased with the hydrotherapy. It relieves so much of the soreness he has after each workout, but even more importantly, it seems to be helping the circulation in his legs. I appreciate the care and thoroughness the technicians used in the installation of this unit.

Thank you for everything.


- N.K.S.

Serenity Walk In Bathtubs,

I speak from my heart to your heart, as a severely disabled person confined to my home. I have only showered and not bathed for nine years. My search for pain relief ended with my first step into my Walk-In Bathtub. Serenity provided my long awaited pain relief.


- Connie A.

We are pleased to add the Serenity Walk-In-Tub to our product line. We find the tub features to be very practical and effecient. The tub is easy to install and it is a product that we can offer at a very competitive price. Anytime we can provide a product that genuinley enhances our customers lifestyle and make a profit while doing so, that's something we get excited about! Many thanks, to everyone at Serenity tubs for making that possible.

- Aldon Marble

Hi Scott, just wanted to tell you how happy I and my customers are with your great tubs. I have been a builder since the early 60's and over the years we have installed every new kind of tub or shower that's been offered to the building trade. WIthout a doubt your's are the best tub/shower combination that we have ever worked with. Aside from the heavy duty construction and the high quality finish the installation is fast and easy and the accessories are all top shelf. My customers especially like the features that let them use bath oils and scented soaps, as you can't use both products with the other tubs on the market. Thank you for a great product.

- Dolly Construction


I can't thank you enough for your help in replacing this faulty faucet. Your extra effort and cooperation was beyond my expectation. I am an 83 year old widow and people frequently take advantage of my situation. You however went "the extra mile". I just put my trust in God and he really sent me an angel this time.

Thank You Again

Darlean Jackson


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