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Specifications Guide

PDFSpecifications 26" X 52"

PDFSpecifications 30" X 52"

Walk in Bath Tub suitable for use in Soaker, Hydrotherapy or Whirlpool services.

Part 1 – General

1.1 The system 100% made is USA is consisting of Tub mounted in a insulated steel frame, facet, handles, shower wand, rough in kit, drains, slide bar, shower curtain, rings and shower rod shall be a Walk in tub as manufactured by CMDT Mfg of Everman , Texas, 76140 and technical support shall be provided by the System manufacturer

Part 2 – Products

2.1 Shell - manufactured from heavy, Pentacor P 300C Fiberglass Mat composed by 1 layer of fiberglass and 1 of synthetic fibers specifically designed for the RTM ( Resin Transfer Molding ) process with an unsaturated Polyester Resin having a NPCA HMIS Rating H2 F3 R1. The RTM process allows for each piece of product to be identical in weight, strength and wall.

2.2 Door - The double silicone seal and inward opening door system form a hydrostatic seal when compressed by latching the door. Additionally, the weight of water inside the tub further compresses the seal ensuring a leak proof door. There is lifetime warranty on the Gasket which is formulated from EPDM sponge rubber compound with a 3M BT bonded adhesive system.

2.3 Frame - 1” Carbon Steel square tube made in accordance with ASTM A120 with a wall thickness of .0650 completely welded together with qualified welders. The Frame is coated with a Rust-O- ileum Paint Gloss Black for corrosion protection. Complete with Seven (7) self adjusting leveling mounts.

2.4 Facets - Delta Model T4778 Series Two Handle Roman Tub. The Delta Facet hand shower system incorporates a backflow protection system that has been tested to be in complete accordance with ASTM A112.18.3, CSA B 125 and ASTM A112.18.1. It incorporates two certified check valves in series, which operate independently and are integral, non serviceable parts of the wand assembly. It also incorporates a diverter mechanism that automatically divert to the spout mode when there is a reduction in the supply pressure. Lifetime facet and finish limited warranty or equal.

2.5 Handles - Delta Model H678 Series side mounted complete with three ( 3 ) set screws to be tightened securely. The stop on the cold valve is to be orientated correctly for the handles and insure that the glide ring is seated properly in the handle base. Lifetime facet and finish limited warranty. Or equal

2.6 Drains - Keeney 645 cable driven drain or equal.

2.7 Rough in Kit - Delta R4707 Deck mount Roman Tub with a hand held shower diverter. Lifetime facet and finish limited warranty or equal

2.8 Motors - High performance motors running at 65 decibels that are small and compact, .08 HP max air, and ¾ HP 6 Standard 6 Jet with Kanaflex hose for water, 15A / 120VAC with a flow rate of approx 10 GPM with a factory installed Thermostat set at 104F +/- 2F heater. Energy saving ALPHA 2 technology hot water recirculation system, providing instant hot water or equal.

2.9 Insulation shall be polyurethane foam spray applied. Insulation shall be rigid, 90% minimum closed cell polyurethane with a minimum 2.0 lbs. per cubic foot density, compressive strength of 30 psi, and coefficient of thermal conductivity (K- Factor) of not higher than 0.15 @ 75°F per ASTM C-518. Maximum operating temperature shall not exceed 250°F.

Part 3 – Execution

3.1 Knowledge of plumbing, fittings, materials etc. is required. Check measurements of all door openings. (Width of hallway, doors and door jams, corners/turns) Must have 26.5" (or 30" depending on model) wide x 57" long clearance .Check for the electrical source that will be used for the tub motor. Check for the outside water shut-off valve

3.2 Field Service, if required, shall be provided by a certified manufacturer’s representative or company.

MM-1 8-08


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