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Installation Guide

Congratulations on your Walk-In Tub Purchase!

Serenity Walk In Bathtubs congratulates you on the purchase of your new Walk-In Bathtub. Your new Walk-In Tub will help make your independent lifestyle more enjoyable. You will be secure in knowing that your Walk-In Tub has been made with your safety and well-being in mind. You’ll enjoy trouble-free bathing experiences and enhanced therapeutic features.

Every Serenity Walk In Bathtub is factory tested and inspected to ensure user satisfaction. Our warranty program is tops in the industry. (See Warranty section.) Plus, Serenity Walk In Bathtubs is continually improving manufacturing and innovation of the product to ensure your optimal bathing experience.

Installation Instructions

Getting Started:
1. Check measurements of all door openings. (Width of hallways, doors, and door jams, corners/turns.) Compare measurements to the size of your Walk-In Tub.

2. Check where water shut off valve is located.

3. Check where the power source is located, (make sure there is space for additional circuits to be added, if necessary.)

4. Place drop cloths where needed. (Walkways, bath area etc.)

Preparing the area:

1. Disconnect the existing faucet handles, tub overflow and floor drain.

2. Remove existing tub. (Use reciprocating saw for steel, fiberglass. Use sledge hammer for cast iron.)

A tip from the Pros: Use a reciprocating saw blade that is specially made for cutting cast iron. This will allow you to remove the cast iron tub without damaging the surrounding area. There will also be less clean up involved. These blades can be found at most plumbing supply warehouses.

3. Remove existing wall surround and install new drywall if needed. (Use greenboard or cement board if necessary.)

4. Turn off water to house at main valve.

Suggestion: Cut and cap the water lines. You may want to install shut offs, so you can finish installation. This will allow homeowners to continue to use water
throughout the installation.


1. Install electrical outlet box on the back wall, 6”- 8” from the floor.

IMPORTANT: Electrical service will vary depending on what options your Walk-In Tub has.

If your tub is equipped with Hydrotherapy or Wet Pump: You will need to either tie into an existing home circuit (after you make sure there is room for more amperage,) or you may want to add an additional breaker in the home’s load center. You must use a GFCI outlet or breaker on the circuit for the tub rated for 15 amps. (The amperage for the Hydrotherapy Pump is 5 amps.)

A tip from the pros: Install a regular 15 amp outlet by the pump. Then wire that outlet to the load side of a GFCI blank outlet which should be located in a convenient spot, so that it can be tested and reset. (Suggestion: unfinished side of basement or nearby wall, etc.)

If your tub is equipped with a Recirculation Heater: The recirculation heater option requires its own dedicated 20 amp circuit, which must be directly wired
to a GFCI breaker.

Hooking up the Heater and Recirculating Pump:

1. Hook the two power leads on the recirculation heater to the DC power supply. Hook the brown/red/+ lead to the red/+ terminal on the DC power supply. Hook the black/- lead to the black/- terminal on the DC power supply.

2. The DC power supply should have the power switch setto the ON position.

3. Set the DC power supply on the fl oor between the shelfand the body of the tub.

4. Plug the DC power supply into one of the switchedoutlets on the “Air Switch” box.

5. After you have completed these steps, you may now plug the “Air Switch” into your dedicated 20 amp outlet. It should be hooked up so that when the Air button is pressed, the heater and pump will run at the same time.

IMPORTANT: Only test recirculation heater when there is sufficient water in tub to cover the intake and output ports.

Plumbing Assembly:

1. Install the faucet assembly on the tub and connect the HOT and COLD lines to the faucet. (Refer to the instructions included with the DELTA faucet.)

Installation of thermostatic mixing valve:
1. Connect the HOT water line from the faucet to the hot inlet of the thermostatic mixing valve. (See Figure 1)

2. Install a “T” in the COLD water line and connect the COLD water line from the faucet to one branch of the “T”.

3. Connect another branch of the “T” to the COLD water inlet on the thermostatic mixing valve.

4. Attach a line from the remaining branch to be connected later to the COLD water supply.

5. Attach a line to the HOT water inlet on the thermostatic valve to be connected later to the HOT water supply.

Figure 1

Installing the Tub:

1. Bring in the tub. Set into installed position and level using the level adjustment screws on the  bottom of the tub. When level, tighten the locking nuts on each foot. (See Figure 2)

IMPORTANT: When tub is level, be certain to lower the CENTER FOOT down firmly to the floor.

2. Connect water lines to the HOT and COLD water supply.

Figure 2

3. Connect 1 ½” PVC pipe to existing drain.

4. Turn on water supply lines and check for leaks at all joints. Don’t forget to check for leaks at the drain.

5. Plug in power cords into wall outlets.

6. Install front panel of tub.

7. Install filler panel by screwing 2x lumber to the wall and caulking the filler panel in place.

A tip from the pros: Use a dry cut diamond blade in a skill saw to rip the filler panels to the proper width. A fiber blade also works well, but suffers from a small amount of blade wobble.

8. Install shower curtain rod, and remaining accessories.

9. Important: Fill and drain the tub so that it will settle into its new location.

10. Caulk as needed.

11. Enjoy your new Serenity Walk In Bathtub!

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions section for more assistance.


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