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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Dimensions of Our Walk in Tubs?

Walk-In tubs come in 2 different widths: 26" wide and 30" wide. The full dimensions are:

Tub dimensions 26 Wide 52 Long 40 X 42 Tall
Tub dimensions 30 Wide 52 Long 40 X 42 Tall

What are the tools required to install our Walk-In Tub?

Adjustable wrench b" and 12"
Cold chisel (3 assortments)
Adjustable locking pliers
Combo square
Hammer (1 rubber, 1 claw)
Cordless reversible 3/8 drill
Handle puller
Allen wrench set
Carpenters level (2' or 4')
Diagonal cutters
Hole saw bits assortment
Pry bar
Steel measuring tape
Long-nosed pliers
Pipe wrench 12" (2)
Circular saw-plastic pipe cement
Ratchet wrench & socket set
Reciprocating saw
Slotted & Phillips screwdriver
Drill speed bits
Self-adjusting pliers
Dremel multi pro rotary tool
Spade bits
Carpenter square
Slip pliers
Channel lock pliers
Caulking gun
Acid/flux brush
Combination 4-in-1 copper pipe tool
Copper fitting brush
Lead free flux and solder
Copper tubing deburrer
Emery cloth
Plastic tubing cutter
Pipe joint compound
Plumber putty
Putty knife
Plastic pipe cement
Propane torch
Small wire brush
Utility knife
Teflon tape
Silicone grease
Steel wool
Tubing cutter (copper)
Safety Goggles
Ear plugs
Voltage tester
Saw horses
Sledge hammer
Drop cloth 4' by 12'
Shop vac
Extension cord 50'
2 tubes GE II Silicone Caulk
8 tubes Liquid Nail Extra Strength

How do you operate the Water pump Tub?

The water pump tub has 6 total jets 1 FRONT 1 FLOOR 2 CALVES 2 SEAT

On/Off button - push down for unit to begin (the heater light will remain on when the heater is in operation) Push down again to stop.

The "Smart Thermostat" requires no adjustment and will automatically maintain the water temperature at 102- 1 04 Fahrenheit. If the bathtub is to warm simply adjust by adding cold water. The heater includes an exclusive "Intelligent High-Limit".

This safety circuit will not "false trip" from hot tap water. It will only turn the heater off if the thermostat fails. To reset, simply press the red button. If the high-limit trips frequently, call a service technician.

Pressure / Vacuum Switch: The heater is equipped with a preset pressure or vacuum switch. The pump must be running with water flowing in the whirlpool to allow the heater to turn on. Knob - turn to adjust the amount of water pressure desired. Relax and Enjoy.

How do you replace the Door Seal on a Walk In Tub?

To replace a worn or damaged door seal you will need the following items:

  • New Walk in Tub door seal
  • Acetone & rag
  • Drop cloth to protect the floor and tub
  • Sharp scissors

Removing old seal:

  • Start by peeling the edge of the old door seal back until you have a piece long enough to pull on. Note some of the seal material may remain on the tub, this will be removed later.
  • Start to pull the seal straight up and out, at approximately a 30 degree angle to the tub, stretching out the seal. This stretching of the seal will break the adhesive bond and release the seal from the tub without the seal tearing apart.
  • Warning! Do not pull down when removing the seal, this will result in the seal tearing apart.

  • Work your way to the bottom of the door, When you get to the bottom of the arch you will want to start at the top of the other side of the door, you will have better leverage to pull up on the seal.
  • After the seal is removed, using your fingers or a rag rub off any pieces of the seal left behind on the tub.
  • Next apply the acetone to a rag and remove any excess adhesive left on the tub.

Installing new door seal:

  • After all previous steps have been completed start to line up the new door seal. Note the position of the old seal. Start to apply the new seal, making sure that it is not sticking out or causing the door not to close properly. Warning Do Not stretch the seal when applying!
  • The new door seal will probably be longer than needed, with a sharp scissors cut off the excess.

Remember to leave your walk-in tub door open when the tub is not in use to prevent premature failure of the seal.

How do You Realign the Door of a Walk in Tub?

Occasionally, during the shipping process, a slight amount of distortion occurs that causes the door to misalign. We have developed a very easy method for correcting this misalignment.

  • Remove the door from the tub by removing the bolts and nuts that mount the door to the tub.
  • Using a high grade, fast drying, hard epoxy, fill all of the holes except the top hole. The surface of the epoxy patch should be as flush with the tub as possible, however, cosmetics are not an issue since the hinge will cover the holes.
  • Let the epoxy dry completely, usually 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Using a 3/16" drill bit, drill a new pilot hole for the bottom bolt 3/32" closer to the outside of the tub than the original hole.
  • Re-mount the door using the top and bottom holes. Securely tighten these two bolts.
  • Using the remaining holes in the hinge as a template, drill new holes for each spot in the hinge. Insert and tighten all of the remaining bolts.

What can I do to prevent Heat Losses and Maintain Water Temperature in the "comfort zone"?

In response to the overwhelming demand for solutions to heat loss in both soaking tubs and air systems, Hydro-Quip has engineered the Tranquility Series to combat heat losses and maintain water temperature in the "comfort zone" to enhance the bathing experience.

The Tranquility Series for Soaking Tubs and Air Systems are the first real steps in "Green" Technology for the bathtub market as this is the first series of products that allows the tub temperature to be maintained as long as the customer desires without the continuous addition of hot water while enjoying the benefits of soaking tubs or air system tubs.

Soaking tubs are defined as tubs that do not incorporate either water or air jets but are designed expressly for tranquil continuous soaking without the noise of a jet pump or air blower which detract from the desired relaxing experience.

Air tubs are defined as tubs that incorporate air jets to provide the benefit of air bubbles as the primary form of therapy and enjoyment.

The Tranquility Series for Air Tubs maintains the water temperature even with the air blower operating at high-speed. This system is engineered to combat the dramatic heat loss associated with an air system tub. Heat loss in an air tub is between 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 degrees per minute leaving the "comfort zone" within 3 to 4 minutes.

Two different systems have been engineered to work best with each application to insure maximum heat maintenance.

How do you operate the Hydrotherapy Pump?

  • Depress and release air button starts blower on high speed.
  • Depress and release button a second time reduced speed to low.
  • Depress and release button a third time turns off blower.
  • Once the blower is activated, an interval timer will start a 30 minute countdown. At the end of 30 minutes the blower will shut off. If the blower is turned off and then back on the internal timer will re set back to 30 minutes.
  • PURGE CYCLE: The blower will automatically come back on for 5 minutes 30 minutes after the blower has been turned off. The initial speed will be low for 30 seconds and then run on high speed for 4 minutes 30 seconds.

Click here for installation instructions.


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