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Arthritis and Hydrotherapy

Photo By: Oliver Gruener

Affecting one of every six Americans today, arthritis is an inflammation of the joints, causing pain, swelling and loss of motion. Unfortunately, arthritis usually progresses in severity as we do in age, so the need to supplement with additional pain management courses is nearly inevitable.

Among other methods, many doctors have recommended treating arthritis with warm hydrotherapy. Though much of the magic lies within the element of heat itself, it has been shown that warm water treatment is far more effective than dry heat treatments, like heating pads. The warm water causes our blood vessels to dilate which increases blood flow, and its buoyancy makes hydrotherapy a safe environment for relieving pain and stiffness, and improves range of motion.

To keep the magic from fading, we strongly recommend our Recirculation Heater, which uses 43 individual hot air jets to continuously maintain the perfect water temperature without ever cooling down.

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