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Save Your Life With Serenity

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Abir Mullick of the State University of New York at Buffalo wrote, “According to the National Safety Council, one person dies everyday from using bathtub/shower in the United States. Of the 24,000 accidental deaths of people over the age of 65 every year, many are bathing related (Burdman, 1986). The National Safety Council reported that 345 people of all ages died in bathtubs in 1989, 364 in 1988, and 348 in 1987.”

The benefits of a walk-in-bathtub eliminate many problem areas seniors face when bathing. Let Serenity Walk-In-Bathtubs increase your home’s safety, and possibly even save your life.

Protect Yourself from Harm

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According to the Queensland (Australia) Injury Surveillance Unit,

“Over a third of the elderly required hospital admission following a bathroom incident. It can be estimated that every year at least 10 older Queenslanders will die from falls in their bathrooms, demonstrating that prevention of these types of injuries will both save lives and improve quality of life.”

Don’t let yourself, or someone you love, fall victim to this brutal statistic. Learn how a Serenity Walk-In Bathtub can keep you safe.

Prevention is Everything

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, every year about 235,000 people over age 15 visit emergency rooms because of injuries suffered in the bathroom, and almost 14 percent are hospitalized, per the New York Times. More than a third of the injuries happen while bathing or showering.

Take preventative measures to protect yourself and your loved ones from potential injuries in the bathroom by investing in a Serenity Walk-In-Bathtub. Our anti-slip contoured seat and floor, as well as our water tight door, allow for the safest bathing experience possible.




Serenity Tubs Help Avoid Bathroom Injuries

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Bathrooms pose a serious threat to both children and adults; this is well known.

“Two common injuries that take place in the bathtub are: drowning injuries and burn related injuries,” According to the Child Injury Lawyer Network.

Switching from a traditional tub to a Serenity Walk-In Bathtub will lower the risk of injury for your entire family.

Our thermostatic mixing valve is set so that under no circumstances can the water temperature harm any one using the tub, and our re-circulation heater, sold exclusively at Serenity Walk-In Bathtubs, continually maintains the water temperature you choose.

Additionally, our anti-slip floor and seat reduce the risk of drowning.