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The Pressure is On

Photo By: Ilker

At Serenity Walk-In Bathtubs, we think our customers deserve as much control over their lives as possible. So, the heaters in each of our walk-in tubs come with a preset pressure/vacuum switch, that you can adjust to suit your preferences. The pump must be running with water flowing in the whirlpool to allow the heater to turn on. Turn the knob to adjust the amount of water pressure desired, then simply relax and enjoy.

Who is Serenity Walk-In Bathtubs?

Photo By: Robert Linder

Serenity Walk-In Bathtubs, headquartered and manufactured in Fort Worth, Texas, is the most trusted manufacturer of Walk-In Bathtubs in the world. We are a family-owned and operated company with 25 years experience in the fiberglass industry. We demand and sustain a high standard of excellence to insure your personal satisfaction.

Our Walk-In Tubs are made from only the highest quality materials and are manufactured entirely in the USA. Every facet of the design, from our low step-in height to our inset self-cleaning air jets, has your safety, comfort and convenience in mind.