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WadingThrough the System

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Serenity Walk-In Tubs can help you navigate the complexities of using insurance to recoup some or all of the cost of your bathtub purchase.

Installing a walk-in tub is a home modification that neither Medicare nor Medicaid typically cover. That’s because it involves a physical change to the home, rather than the addition of medical equipment or supplies, which Medicare Part B and Medicaid do cover.

The types of equipment, and how to rent or purchase them at Medicare’s expense is detailed in the official online Medicare booklet called Medicare Coverage of Durable Medical Equipment and other Devices. 


Walk-In Tubs and Medicare

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Are Serenity Walk-In Tubs covered by Medicare?

The short answer is no, not officially.

However, some seniors have received partial coverage for their walk-in bathtub if they took the time to secure a physicians prescription before making the purchase. Be sure to budget enough money for both purchasing the tub and possibly remodeling your home to accommodate the tub, so finances aren’t too tight while waiting for the reimbursement.