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Designed with You in Mind

Photo By: Olga Zielinska

Serenity Walk-In Tubs takes care of its customers, by offering  Comfortable Contoured Seats, at a luxourious 16 inches high.

The seats, as well as the tub floor, have a molded anti-slip surface for safety.

The tub’s  low step-in height, a mere six inches, allows for safe and easy access to the tub. An optional three inch step is also available.

Additionally, whether you prefer the tub door to open to the right or left, Serenity Walk-In Tubs can be ordered either way to fit any bathroom layout.


Featuring Ease, Convenience and Safety

Photo By: Jean Scheijen

A Shower Curtain, Rod, & Rings and Adjustable Shower Slide Bar are included with every Serenity Walk-In Tub purchase. Installing them increases the versitility of your tub, and lets you choose between taking a stand-up or sit down shower or bath.

Serenity uses Easy to Grip Door Handles, designed so that any person, regardless of strength or physical dexterity, can easily open and close the door.

A Built-In Towel Rack is also included, as well as a Built-In Grab Bar, which provides a tub that is both safe and comfortable.