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Built to Last

Photo By: Alejandro Macías

Serenity Walk-In Tubs uses a One Inch Steel Frame during installation. Like your own home’s foundation, our steel frame is the foundation for our Walk-In Tub’s quality and durability. With the steel frame, the tub will never twist or become distorted, which could cause the tub to leak. Our frame has completely welded joints, a powder coated finish, and built to last.

Additionally, Serenity uses Seven Leveling Legs. These make sure there is plenty of support for the tub, and makes installation much easier. Just twist them down and lock in place.

Hydrotherapy or Whirlpool?

Photo By: Korabi Enesz

If you’re not interested in the complete hydrotherapy system Serenity Walk-In Tubs offers, fear not. We also offer the Whirlpool Pump with Six Jets System. This feature is for bathers who prefer hot tub-style jets. These jets can be custom placed to target any particular spot on your body that may need extra attention.

Can’t choose between the two? Then Serenity‘s Combination Hydrotherapy and Whirlpool System is right for you! We offer a combination of our two most popular products to satisfy our customers who desire the best of both worlds.


43 Jets!

Photo By: Elise de Pooter



Serenity Walk-In Bathtubs’ Hydrotherapy System can’t be beat!



All of our hydrotherapy tubs:

  • have 43 individual jets, letting the warmth surround you in millions of  tiny air bubbles
  • use hot air to maintain your water temperature longer
  • employ a two-speed pump system which makes it easy to find the perfect setting creating a relaxing hydrotherapy soaking bath
  • have unique air jets that are flush with the surface of the tub, making our tub much more comfortable, safer and easier to clean
  • have a pump system with a self-cleaning feature, which automatically turns on after you finish using the tub; the system blows warm air through the lines, removing any excess water left that could potentially grow bacteria or mold.
  • can be used with soap and bath oils to give you a fully functional and relaxing bathing experience