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Serenity Exclusives

Photo By: Zsuzsanna Kilian

Serenity Walk-In Tubs offers a unique cable operated drain with an easy to use handle. With our drain system, any person can open or close the drain with very little effort, without having to bend down or move from the comfort of the seat. This system allows the tub to drain quickly, at a rate of 13 gallons per minute.

Serenity offers the deepest soaking tub available by a wide margin, measuring an impressive 21 inches to the seat, which allows most people to soak shoulder deep. Our Walk-In Tub is designed for ultimate comfort and relaxation.


Our Top Notch Doors Will Seal the Deal

Serenity Exclusive: Double Water Tight Seal. Our seal features a true Lifetime Warranty, and our Walk-In Tub is the only Walk-In Tub on the market that has an extra double water tight door seal installed at the factory. Only one seal is needed to be water tight, but we insist on two.

Wide 18 1/4 Inch Door: Makes our Walk-In Tub easy to get in and out of. Our easy access door also features a stainless steel piano hinge, which is far superior to doors that use two separate hinges.

Rounded Door: Our Walk-In Tub door is rounded at the bottom so you won’t have to move your feet and legs out of the way to close the door.