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Delta Faucets

The Delta faucets brand is known in the plumbing world for being the best in quality. We offer our tubs with Delta high volume faucets and showers. The faucets that we use are elegant, Roman-style faucets, which fill twice as fast as a standard tub faucet. Delta faucets have a Lifetime Warranty and come in several different finishes.

More Bath Oil Benefits


Photo By: Michaela Kobyakov

Modern beauty science agrees that that a combination of water and oil keeps the skin smooth, soft and healthy-looking. The application of oil, followed by a bath does have a beneficial effect as it nourishes and protects both the body and hair. A massage, following the oil application, improves blood circulation, relieves muscle stiffness and tiredness, muscular spasms and tension and encourages sound sleep by relaxing the muscles.

Additionally, bath oils are just as good to your Serenity Walk in Bathtub as they are to you, as they will extend the life of your seals.

Bath Oils Promote Health


Photo By: Christa Richert

At Serenity Walk in Bathtubs, we want you to get the most from every model we offer. One way is through the use of bath oils, which are good for the skin and scalp. Copra, sesame, clove, each have unique medicinal properties. Coconut oil and sesame oil are particularly good for one’s hair and complexion. These compounds are used extensively in the production of bath oil.

Regardless of the type of oil, all of them offer numerous benefits:

  • Improved digestion
  • Softened skin and smoothened complexion
  • Cleared channels of circulation
  • Renewed energy levels
  • Relaxed joints