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DIY Installers—Don’t Forget The Plumbing Inspection


Photo By: David Basson

Self-installing your walk in tub is no more difficult than installing any other major household system or appliance. The failsafe design of Serenity Walk in Bathtubs provides owners with total confidence in its structural integrity. However, if you self-install (or outsource) tub installation, Serenity cannot ensure and validate the integrity of the plumbing job.

Our advice, for both legal reasons and your peace of mind, is to follow your new tub installation process with a certified plumbing inspection. In fact most municipalities require such inspections. The same holds true if the installation required new electrical circuit installation….you must have that inspected also. For detailed instruction, please view our FAQ page.

Finalize the process by putting a copy of the inspection(s) in the mail to your insurance company.

Raise Your ROI With Serenity


Photo By: Allie Hylton

The housing market has been in turmoil the last few years. Among many other problems, people simply haven’t been able to recoup their costs on home upgrades at closing and everyone feels like their losing. If you are trying to sell a home in this market, educate yourself about which home improvements really get a buyer to sign that contract, and which sound nice but are actually forcing your asking price down.

For example, in-ground pools seem like a great addition to a home, but current research shows that buyers are shying away from homes that come with such guaranteed high maintenance, as well as the possible dangers concerning children.

What home improvement project provides the highest return on investment? While the answer used to be kitchen remodeling, current research suggests that it now places third behind bathroom remodels, which is second only to siding upgrades.  

Invest in a Serenity Walk-in Tub, and invest in significant financial gain on your home sale. It’s that simple.

The Benefits of Baths Over Showers: Part 2


Photo By: Mimiliz

The Psychological Advantage

Baths let you slow down, relax and give time back to yourself. Most people spend their days tending to others and forget to make their own well-being a priority. Showers are faster, and everyone is busy, but a hot bath lets your mind rest in sync with your body. Making time for just a few Serenity baths a week will reduce your stress level and increase your ability to deal with common stressors well, because you will face them with a clear, level head.