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The Benefits of Baths Over Showers: Part 1


The Physical Advantages

  • Your limbs become buoyant in bathwater, which unburdans muscles and triggers a drop in muscular tension.
  • When bathing, if the
  •  water temperature is higher than the body temperature, we expel heat by expanding the blood vessels near the surface of the skin, which lessens the circulatory system’s resistance to blood flow and gently drops blood pressure.
  • A bath is the most effective way to hydrate the skin. Not only due to the body’s submergence, but also the ability to add oils to the water, which aids the skin in retaining hydration.

A Serenity Walk in Tub will do more for your body at the end of a hard day than your trusty old shower ever could.


Photo By: Rene Ruano


Seal Repair and Preventative Maintenance


Photo By: Jason Antony

Like anything else, the seal on your Serenity tub door will start to wear out over time. It will not fail suddenly. Over years of use, you will begin to notice “sweating”, or traces of water at the bottom of door seals. This is normal and can be quickly and affordably repaired as a do-it-yourself project. Before starting the job, take a moment to review our Door Seal Replacement Instructions. Remember, to prolong the life of your door seals, always leave your walk-in tub door slightly ajar when the tub is not in use.