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Quality Comes Standard

Serenity Walk In Bathtubs come standard with many beneficial features. With every model, we provide:

v  Our exclusive double water tight seal

v  An extra wide 18 ¼ inch door for easy access

v  Rounded edges to make closing doors effortless

v  Elegant, Roman-style Delta faucets, available in a variety of finishes

v  Our exclusive cable operated drain, for maximum comfort and safety

v  The deepest soaking tub on the market today, allowing users to soak shoulder deep

v  Low step-in height to help avoid trips and falls

v  Anti-slip floor and anti-slip 16” high contoured seat

v  Adjustable shower slide bar

v  Customized door placement, opening from either the right or left

v  Easy grip door handle

v  Adjustable shower slide bar, allowing for both a standing or sitting shower

v  Shower curtain, rod and rings

v  Built-in towel rack and grab bar

v  1” steel frame to prevent distortion and leaks and seven leveling legs for balanced weight support

Whether you stick with the standard features or tack on a few extras, you will be delighted with the quality of your Serenity Walk In Bathtub.

Stay Warm with Serenity


Photo By: M van den Dobbelsteen

Winter temperatures can make it difficult for seniors, especially the non-ambulatory, to stay warm. Space heaters and electric blankets are generally considered too dangerous for regular use, but a hot bath in a Serenity Walk-in Tub is safe, soothing and effective. Our Recirculation Heater uses 43 individual hot air jets to continuously maintain the perfect water temperature without ever cooling down. This will aid in retaining a high core temperature, which will ward off hypothermia, one of winter’s deadliest concerns for the elderly. Seniors are naturally unable to retain their body heat as well as children or young adults. When temperatures drop, layers of warm clothing, plenty of warm food and drink as well as warm baths are recommended to keep the elderly’s core temperature at a healthy level.