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Diabetes and Hydrotherapy

Photo By: Shirley Smits

The largest human organ is the skin, and as we age, it loses elasticity and becomes thinner. Protection is paramount for the skin, especially for those who suffer from diabetes, which can develop into an overwhelming condition.


As such, it tends to deplete most of the body’s healing resources. This causes the normal healing time for minor injuries like cuts and bruises to lengthen. However, while Serenity tubs pack a powerful healing punch, they are delightfully gentle on the skin. Whirlpool jets can sometimes be too harsh on the skin, but our Hydrotherapy Air Jet System provides soothing, tender bubbles to enhance your relaxation and boost circulation.  


It’s common for those dealing with Diabetes to struggle with accurately sensing temperatures. Unfortunately, this sometimes leads to painful burns and scalds. Serenity Tubs use a thermostatic mixing valve to control the temperature of the water, and its design eliminates the possibility of scalding.


People suffering from Type 2 Diabetes can better control their weight and plasma glucose levels with hydrotherapy. Thirty minutes in a Serenity tub, 6 days a week, is all it takes to start regaining control of your health. In some cases, people have become less dependent on insulin as a result of hydrotherapy.

Heal with Hot and Cold


Photo By: Marcin Jochimczyk

Water, whether hot or cold, can be the solution to many physical problems. Hydrotherapy is a healing technique that has been around since the 19th century. Among other things, this natural process uses the manipulation of water to maintain and restore health as well as to ease muscle pain.


The application of cold and hot water is form of treatment that heals by regulating internal physical activity. Warm water causes a decrease in bodily activity, which helps to banish anxiety and ease muscle tension. Additionally, hot water induces general relaxation which causes blood vessels to dilate and aids in the removal of waste from body tissue. Cold water is used to stimulate the body which increases internal activity. Superficial blood vessels then constrict, propelling blood through the internal organs.


*A quick fix for stress and fatigue: Take a long, warm shower or bath followed by a short, cold shower. This will stimulate the body and mind and leave you feeling invigorated. Alternating between hot and cold water can also improve elimination, decrease inflammation, and stimulate circulation.


Insomnia and Hydrotherapy

Photo By: Karen Barefoot

When our body is denied sleep, its recovery time, we may feel irritable, depressed, and be more susceptible to sickness. A fifteen minute warm-water bath taken approximately an hour and a half before bed allows your internal temperature to lower at a natural pace. This will help you drift off effortlessly, without the use of prescription or over-the-counter sleeping pills. Hydrotherapy also improves the quality of sleep, making it one of the most popular natural methods of treatment for insomnia used today. The Serenity experience can be enhanced with your favorite soaps, body washes and bath oils. Some Serenity tubs, such as our 30″ Hydrotherapy System, incorporate air jets to provide therapeutic massage beginning at the base of your neck, covering the entire body down to your calves and the worn out arches of your feet. The unique air jets are flush with the surface of the tub, so all you feel is water as you’re engulfed in total relaxation. This feature also makes a Serenity tub safer and easier to clean than others on the market. Our three-speed pump system makes it easy to find the perfect jet setting for your hydrotherapy bath. The jet settings provide varying levels of massage which cause the body to release stress, helping you relax and promoting calm, deep sleep.

Arthritis and Hydrotherapy

Photo By: Oliver Gruener

Affecting one of every six Americans today, arthritis is an inflammation of the joints, causing pain, swelling and loss of motion. Unfortunately, arthritis usually progresses in severity as we do in age, so the need to supplement with additional pain management courses is nearly inevitable.

Among other methods, many doctors have recommended treating arthritis with warm hydrotherapy. Though much of the magic lies within the element of heat itself, it has been shown that warm water treatment is far more effective than dry heat treatments, like heating pads. The warm water causes our blood vessels to dilate which increases blood flow, and its buoyancy makes hydrotherapy a safe environment for relieving pain and stiffness, and improves range of motion.

To keep the magic from fading, we strongly recommend our Recirculation Heater, which uses 43 individual hot air jets to continuously maintain the perfect water temperature without ever cooling down.